Harvard International & Global History Seminar (HIGHS)

Co-chairs: David Armitage and Erez Manela

The Harvard International & Global History Seminar (HIGHS) is a forum for cutting-edge work in the fields of international and global history.

The seminar, organized at the Department of History and generously supported by the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, has met several times each term on Wednesday afternoons since 2003.

The HIGHS schedule for 2020-21 is below. Past years are archived here.

Unless otherwise noted, sessions are held on Wednesdays at 3:45 pm. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, sessions will be held on Zoom until further notice .

Fall 2020

September 30
Cindy Ewing (University of Missouri): “The Third World before Afro-Asia”
Comment: Ruodi Duan (Harvard)

October 21
The United Nations and International Order: 75 Years On

Jane Hong, Occidental College 
Jamie Martin, Georgetown University
Mira Siegelberg, University of Cambridge
Lydia Walker, University of London

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November 11
Alvita Akiboh (University of Michigan): “Symbolic Decolonization: Material Culture and Performing the End of U.S. Empire”
Comment: Kristin Oberiano (Harvard)

December 2
Perin Gurel (University of Notre Dame): “The Politics of Beauty: Modernization Theory, Comparativism, and the Last Empress of Iran”
Comment: Catherine Boyle (Harvard)


Spring 2021

February 17
Adam Clulow (Univerity of Texas, Austin) and Lauren Benton (Yale): “Suspended Sovereignty in Small Places”
Comment: Aden Knaap (Harvard)

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March 24
Priya Satia (Stanford): "George Orwell and Empire"
Comment: Gili Kliger (Harvard)

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April 7
Quito Swan (University of Massachusetts, Boston): "Rude Boy International: Sound Systems, Dancehall and Diasporas"
Comment: Holger Droessler (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

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April 28
Marino Auffant (Harvard): "Globalizing Oil, Unleashing Capital: An International History of the 1970s Energy Crisis"
Comment: Arbella Bet-Shlimon (University of Washington)

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