Harvard International & Global History Seminar (HIGHS)

Co-chairs: Erez Manela and Jamie Martin

Seminar coordinator: Victoria Gonzalez Maltes

The Harvard International & Global History Seminar (HIGHS) is a forum for cutting-edge work in the fields of international and global history.

The seminar, organized at the Department of History and generously supported by the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, has met several times each term on Wednesday afternoons since 2003.

The HIGHS schedule for 2022-23 is below. Past years are archived here.

Unless otherwise noted, sessions are held on Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 pm. Events will be held in hybrid format, with an option for both in-person and remote participation.

Fall 2022

September 21
Elisabeth Leake (Tufts): “Afghan Crucible: The Soviet Invasion and the Making of Modern Afghanistan”
Comment: Leora Eisenberg (Harvard), Serhii Plokhy (Harvard)

October 19
David Ekbladh (Tufts): “Plowshares into Swords: Weaponized Knowledge, Liberal Order, and the League of Nations”
Comment: Natalie Behrends (Harvard), Erez Manela (Harvard)

November 30
Giuliana Chamedes (Wisconsin): “Failed Globalists: European Socialists, the Welfare State, and the Challenge of the Global South, 1919-2019”
Comment: James Evans (Harvard), David Spreen (Harvard)

Spring 2023

February 8 
Marc Flandreau (Penn): “Rise of the Vultures: Jobbing Nations in the Victorian Stock Exchange”
Comment: Ellen Nye (Harvard), Charlotte Robertson (HBS)

March 8
Christy Thornton (Johns Hopkins): "To Reckon with the Riot: Social Protest and Global Economic Governance"
Comment: Joan Chaker (Harvard), Jamie Martin (Harvard)

March 22
Diana Kim (Georgetown University): "Untouchability as Global"
Comment: Hagar Gal (Harvard), Heather Streets-Salter (Northeastern)

April 5
Priya Lal (Boston College): "From Right to Left and Back Again: Professional Labor, Primary Health Care, and Neoliberalism's Unlikely Genealogies in Southeastern Africa"
Comment: Paul Clarke (Harvard), Quinn Slobodian (Wellesley)

April 26
Zaib un Nisa Aziz (University of South Florida): "'For Spain and for the World': The Spanish Civil War, the Colonial Question and the Politics of Comparison" 
Comment: Mahia Bashir (Harvard), Elisabeth Leake (Tufts)