Program Co-Chairs

David Armitage
Early Modern, Intellectual and International History

Erez Manela
Modern international history; US in the world; nationalism and anticolonialism; international development and global health

Affiliated Faculty

Sven Beckert
19th century American, socia, cultural, and transnational history; political economy of capitalism

Sugata Bose
South Asia and comparative dimensions of Modern History across the Indian Ocean

Joyce Chaplin
global travel, maritime studies, planetary environmental history

Alison Frank Johnson
Modern Central Europe; international history; European environmental history.

Maya Jasanoff
Modern British and imperial history; the British Atlantic world

William C. Kirby
Modern China, business and economic development, foreign relations.

Mary Lewis
French and European Imperialism; Social, Legal and Political History

Fredrik Logevall
US foreign relations; Vietnam War

Charles S. Maier
Comparative 20th century European political, economic, and social history; global and international history including comparative empires; Cold War and European-American relations

Terry Martin
Russia/Soviet Union and Central Europe; Soviet history-nationalism, Islam

Serhii Plokhii
Intellectual, cultural, and international history of Eastern Europe; Yalta conference; Cold War summits

Emma Rothschild
European economic and social history; history of economic thought; international organizations

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